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Readers' Comments About
Ireland Dream Trip


The bible of Irish guidebooks. The only time we had trouble was when we didn't follow your advice." - M.W. Atlanta GA

"One of the most
phenomenal guidebooks I have ever seen." - K.F. St. Paul MN

“Your name is
magic in Ireland!” – T.W. St. Louis MO

"I've already invested nearly $75 in guidebooks - and I can already tell from the first couple of sections in your book that I should have saved my money and spent it on the trip itself. No glitzy colors photos, no expensive paper, no exhausting and confusing entries of the blue million things you have to see or don't even bother - you've given me
everything I've hoped to find in every other book I've opened." - R.F. Indianapolis IN

"Your book is
worth it's weight in gold." - A.F. Smyrna GA

"Michele probably knows more about Ireland than I do, despite the fact I live here!!!" -
D.A. Belfast No. Ireland

"Your guidebook has become
my Irish bible in less than 24 hours of its receipt. It's the very best money I've spent on Ireland so far!" - R.F. Indianapolis IN

"Saint Michele,
patron saint of tourists!!!!!" - K.D. Columbia, IL

"It is such an
amazing guide." - E.K. Morris Plains, NJ

"Michele is like the
Goldilocks of Ireland...she went, she slept in the beds, she tasted the porridge, she sat in the chair. Then she reported it all in her book. Thanks Michele! You get the Goldilocks Award...the highest accolade in the travel industry." - M.S. San Diego CA

"A little gem!" -
A.M. Sligo Ireland

"Your suggestions for our travels were fantastic as well as
heart warming. Thank you for introducing us to so many fine friends!" - C.L. Roswell GA

"All concerns catered for-including some you'd never have thought of! Pithy words of warning are given, if deserved! Pack Michele in your luggage and have a wonderful time." -
Ireland of the Welcomes Magazine

"You know more about Ireland than the Irish!" -
A.M. Ireland

"Thank you so much for the guide. My wife has bought about five so far - and I have only bought yours - and it is the best by far!"
M.T. Freemont CA

"All the bed-and-breakfast accommodations were
superb and your recommendations for dinner were outstanding." - S.D. Mathews NC

"We were in Ireland for almost 3 weeks and it was the
trip of a lifetime - in no small part to your wonderful little book. A friend loaned it to me and while it was one of many tour, guide books that I took with me, it was also the ONLY book we found ourselves using - for location suggestions and accommodations as we traveled throughout Ireland." - K.F. St. Paul MN

"Such a
delightful book." - J.D. Arlington TX

"I had a
fabulous time due in large part to your book." - A.F. Smyrna, GA

Best of my 14 Ireland guidebooks." - M.S. San Diego CA

"MICHELE is the
Queen of Irish guidebook writers. If you don't have Michele's book, get one now!" - M.S. San Diego CA

"Our trip was
pure magic." - S.F. Austin TX

"I didn't realise that you lived in the USA! You talk with such authority about Ireland
I thought you were a local!" - K.W. England

mesmerized! And I've only just started reading!" - R.F. Indianapolis IN

"Michele's book is
GREAT!! I highly recommend it." - S.S. Evanston IL

"Your book truly is
wonderful!" - D.P. Griffin GA

"I would suggest getting a copy of Michele's book. Every time we followed her advice, we ended up staying with marvelous people in very nice homes." -
K.D. Columbia IL

"Michele...You are truly
awesome!" - M.S. Bellflower CA

“Thank you so much for making it so easy for us. Every place we've stayed has greatly
surpassed our expectations.” – C.W. Roswell GA

“We love the book!” –
B.B. Lenoir City TN

“We used your travel guide to Ireland this past summer and enjoyed it very much. It was full of great information and itineraries.” –
K.R. Ocala FL

“Michele—just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your guidebook. For the first time since the start of planning this trip, I don't feel overwhelmed!” –
N.H. Harrisonburg VA

“I would especially recommend your book to first-time travelers to Ireland - lots of useful information! It's also compact enough to bring along, and I like the way you put it together--easy to read that way!” –
S.S. Evanston IL

“We find more little gems in your book each day.” –
J.W. Greenville, SC

“We really enjoyed our trip to Ireland and couldn’t have done it without your B&B book.” –
F.L. Dalton GA

“Michele Erdvig – she sure deserves the title of
Ireland’s Expert Guide. – C.C. at Dublin Ireland

source of all wisdom on planning and pacing your trip is...Michele Erdvig in Georgia.” – M.G.

Note: All bold lettering has been added to enhance the quotes. All quotes are from letters, emails and forum posts from readers of Michele's book.

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