Ireland Dream Trip

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Michele Erdvig's
Ireland Dream Trip

Most up to date Ireland Travel Guide Book on the Planet!

Ireland Dream Trip is updated yearly. A new edition is available in late March. Those ordering in Jan/Feb/Mar should indicate which edition they want.

Price: $23.99 plus $6.50 postage & handling. Total: $30.49 (P&H prices higher outside the USA).

Priority Mail: All book orders are sent priority mail. In the USA it usually takes 3 business days. Internationally it takes 4 - 10 business days, depending on destination.

Order With a Check or Money Order
(USA only)

Send a check or money order for $30.49 to:

Michele Erdvig
Dpt. 358-IDT
P.O. Box 862194
Marietta GA 30062

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Email address
  • Special instructions such as a gift order

Order Securely Online With Pay Pal

Ordering with Pay Pal is a FREE Service & it's quick & easy! Use your credit card to order securely online instantly with Pay Pal.


Check your address that is on file with Pay Pal to be sure it is correct. Michele will not be responsible for your address errors. No refunds will be given for lost books that you have ordered to be sent to a wrong address.

Click the correct button below to order book:

USA Orders ---------------------->

Book: $23.99
Priority Postage: $6.50
TOTAL: $30.49

Canada & Mexico Orders ------->

Book: $23.99
Priority Postage: $20.00
TOTAL: $43.99

Other Countries Orders --------->

Book: $23.99
Priority Postage: $24.00
TOTAL: $47.99

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